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Samantha Keston-Bloom, raised in a theatrical family, founded her first events company at 22. In 2000, combining her passion for production and training, she pioneered the UK’s first Post Graduate Course in Screen-Acting which she ran from Bray Film Studios. Over 11 years, this venture produced 20 films, showcasing new actors at prestigious venues like 20th Century Fox and BAFTA.

As Co-Director of Redroofs School for the Performing Arts, Sam oversaw the full-time education for many working child artistes, co-leading the school, its busy agency, and collaborating with Casting Directors looking
for the school’s abundant talent. She and her colleagues worked with Warner Brothers for all seven Harry Potter films requiring a dedicated office at Pinewood Studios to cope with the additional workload.

Stepping away from an academic career, Sam continues to discover emerging talent, and during the quiet period of the lockdown, the school flourished with online classes successfully engineered from the living room. Alongside this, she initiated a new venture, the Writers’ Virtual Studio, which created a community for much needed collaboration.

In 2021, Sam returned to her own artistic development, producing ‘NeverBorn,’ a short film as a proof of concept for her upcoming feature. She successfully participated in an 8-week professional writers course, pitching
to All3 Media through the National Film School and began to dedicate more time to writing. Sam thrives on the busiest schedule, co- ordinating a school of 500 eager part-time students at Redroofs, Maidenhead, with performance commitments, alongside the delivery of Boutique Training and Management, now in its fourth year. From time to time she also operates ‘Kids on Broadway’ holidays and is taking a group to perform a musical theatre programme at Disneyland Paris.

She now nears completion of the final draft of her feature film ‘Stellar,’ set to shoot independently in Autumn 2024.

Behind the scenes…

Scholarship Mentoring

Subject to schedule I’m always happy to offer scholarship preparation / creative mentoring to eager candidates ages 11/13 years. Material choices will always be from published works, and where time allows we will look at several options. Introductory work with the candidate will ensure best working methods to achieve a desired outcome.

My approach is unique for every child and pieces would be selected accordingly. These would not be stock suggestions, unless they come from lists provided by the school. Where a child is applying for more than one school, we can prepare more than one piece. Interview techniques and confidence building, alongside a positive experience is assured.

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