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My little embryo

Apparently it takes a village to raise a child, so it’s no wonder that this little embryo of a story is gaining a fan club!

For those who remember my obsession with "NeverBorn", you have two choices! I won't be angry if you close me down. I might have done the same. But you also might be wondering...does she have a film here? Or more? I'm not liking myself to JK Rowling but there was a time before Harry Potter was a real live boy! Just saying!

It’s a dream for me to be having the conversations I’ve been having today, with people who don’t owe me anything, but are reinforcing my belief that this story is going to be told and I'm holding it's hand and taking it to meet its teachers.

I'm old enough to know that the gap between an idea and a film is bigger than I care to think about right now, because it's far too scary to imagine that I am going to face negativity, rejection, declined interest and more. I mean "less". But I don't care!

I'm following my nose, enjoying the journey. I think the willingness to admit how little we know allows for the collaboration that this very huge ambition is going to require of me. I mean of us. Because to bring Stellar to the screen is about to take a village.

Are we ever ready?



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