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’Stellar’, a child descended from the Khoisan, can navigate the Earthfield and ‘NeverBorn,’ where the spirits of unborn children exist through the memories of their “parents”. Adopted by her sister Juliette’s blended family, Stellar lives between her father’s life with his girlfriend in London, Rhian and Kate’s life at the barracks and her true home “NeverBorn”. 

Guided by her soul group, which includes Crystal Clear and The Girl with a Heart of Gold—two children whose essence resides in the ethereal realm—Stellar - sometimes called “Lights” grapples with the compromises of her earthly existence. The problem is Limbo who broke a chance at life, and that of the man who never forgot his son. As Stellar’s family wrestles with the complexities of creation, Stellar recognises that Limbo is at the root of the trouble.

Behind the scenes…

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