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"Art is what you do for yourself."

Half way through the most curious of shoots that has had us creating a fantasy living dolls house set inside my childhood home. It’s hard to see how this has come about so quickly, but the creation of something charming has been positive. I’m not sure I can call it art, but it is light hearted story telling, and 40 kid have had a total blast, and it's an opportunity to flex the muscle during a time of such huge change. We wait for things to settle. But time can't stand still.

Last weekend was a reminder that I grew up in the most extraordinary of homes, and as the young actors arrive “on set” we were greeted with comments like “ Did someone real actually live here?” Stepping into this story book world, it was a genuine pleasure to see how respectful they were of the space. It's easy to undervalue something you’ve always known.

Separating myself from the space though seems to be my next job in developing my stories. And that’s where the fear kicks in. The magical pre-souls, first met in the short/proof of concept "NeverBorn", are prodding once more for their undivided attention and are telling me I ain't finished with them, because they haven't yet been born! Rather they ain't finished with me! They are after my full attention so give it to them I must.

It’s going to take more discipline than I’ve demonstrated to date, but the story is very clear, the characters I believe are well drawn now, so the challenge is in making this happen without sabotaging the project through self doubt.

I have provisionally blocked out some time and a space to work with some actors to hone this into a little masterpiece. I have honestly no idea of its market, but have an absolute commitment for a reason I don’t yet know or understand, to tell the story of these characters and their journey.

So, it seems that this is where the chapter begins.



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